Jesus the Jew


This Jewish man born in Bethlehem and raised in obscurity in Nazareth in  the ancient land of Israel has changed the world and split time in two!  Come and see Yeshua (Jesus) in his proper context, a Jewish context.  Let’s explore the possibility that he is the Messiah promised of old! 

Jews, Gentiles and Christians


Who is a Jew? Who is a Gentile? Can a Jew be a believer in Jesus and  still be a Jew? What about Christians, are they born as such? The world  is full of questions. You are invited to see what the Bible has supplied  as answers to these important questions in this short video. 

Dont bet your life on a false prophet - Jacques Gabizon

 As a Jew, Mr. Gabizon struggled between Judaism and Christianity, until  he took it to his rabbi only to realize the most shocking truth!!! 

I begged god for a sign - Sharon Gabizon

  Sharon Gabizon didn't want to hear about Jesus, until one day, she begged God for a sign... 

How i found shalom - Mottel Balestone


Wow!! This Jewish man turns to Jesus and explains why in a way you never heard before!

Who am I? - Vanessa Leef

 “I don’t really need to prove who I am to anyone. I am fully Jewish and I fully believe in Yeshua!”