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Does God Have a Son?


 Two passages make the point that the Messiah is also, in some way, the  Son of God. The first is Psalm 2 which deals primarily with the Kingship  of the Messiah, but also brings out the Messiah's Sonship with God.  Concerning this Psalm, Rashi admits, “Our rabbis expound it as relating  to King Messiah." Although the majority of rabbis in earlier years also  explained this Psalm as referring to King Messiah, many rabbis today  would refer it to David rather than the Messiah. But the words of the  Psalm and a comparison of history would exclude David as a possibility  altogether... more, please print and share

Messiah The Final Sacrifice

The Paschal Lamb - signifying the final sacrifice - Jesus the Messiah

 Since the whole concept of a dying Messiah is so foreign to modern  Judaism, although it was once part of Judaism, there is a question that  must be answered: Why did the Messiah have to die? In the course of  answering this question, a second one arises: What is the means of  redemption? If there is one theme that seems to go throughout the entire  Scriptures, it is the theme of redemption by blood... more, please print and share

The God-Man Concept in the Old Testament

Sunrise on Mt Sinai in Egypt - Moses and the giving of the Law

 An aspect of the Kingship of the Messiah is the strange God-Man Concept  concerning the Messiah. Some passages which deal with the Kingship of  the Messiah add a whole new dimension to the Person of the Messiah,  making Him a man — and yet more than a man... more, please print and share

The Sign of the Virgin

Torah Scroll searching Isaiah 7:13-14 the sign of the virgin.

 Isaiah 7:13-14 is a prophecy concerning the virgin conception and the  birth of the Messiah. This is perhaps the most controversial of the  messianic prophecies and therefore requires a closer textual analysis  than others. The exact meaning of this passage is disputed by rabbis,  liberal theologians and even by some evangelical theologians. The  passage talks of “a sign: The virgin will be with child…” There are two  areas of controversy here... more, please print and share

The Trial of the Centuries

The most famous trial in all of history. The trial of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

 Throughout history there have been many trials which have earned the  title “The Trial of the Century.” The Trial of Socrates and the Scopes  Trial are prime examples. But there is one particular trial that was  more than just The Trial of the Century; it is “The Most Famous Trial in  All History.” This trial revealed man's viewpoint of the Son of God.  The destiny of all men who have ever lived or will live is inseparably  linked to its outcome. It is the trial of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah...  more, please print and share

Zionism: What It Is and What It Is Not

Theodor Herzl is considered the founder of the Modern Zionist movement.

 The word “Zionism” is very common today thanks to the United Nations'  condemnation of it during their General Assembly debate on November 10,  1975. Because of this, there is much confusion among believers as to the  nature of Zionism and whether or not they should support it or stand  against it. We, at Ariel Ministries, get many letters asking us to  explain what Zionism is... more, please print and share