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Can the rapture happen during this coronavirus pandemic? Scripture says it will happen like the days of Noah when people are eating and drinking and giving in marriage, etc. This is certainly not the case during this pandemic. It really seems like we will

To answer your question, yes, the rapture is imminent, but imminent does not mean “soon.” It just means that nothing has to precede the rapture, and it can therefore happen at any moment in time. The phrase “eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage” describes life as it normally exists, and the rapture could come when life is very normal on earth. But even normalcy is not a prerequisite for the rapture nor is the coronavirus a sign of the coming rapture because, again, nothing has to precede to rapture.

The pandemic certainly fits what the Bible calls “a pestilence,” and pestilences are an element of the last days leading up to the tribulation, but that is not a sign of just when the rapture will occur.

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