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Should a believer with Jewish heritage be “going under Torah?”

[Here is the full text of the QUESTION from the reader:]
I have a friend who has been a believer for many years. She recently found out that there is some Jewish heritage in her mother’s family tree. She has since been fellowshipping with a Messianic congregation. She has just posted on her Facebook page that starting this year, she will be “going under Torah” and wanted all her friends and family to know. Should I be concerned? Is this what the early church had to deal with when the Scriptures speak of “Judaizers”? Biblically speaking, is she in any danger?

Here is Arnold’s ANSWER:
To answer your question, yes, you need to be concerned about your friend. She is falling into the heresy of “Galatianism,” and she has connected herself with the wrong segments of the Messianic movement. Those who claim to be Torah observant are in many ways continually breaking the Torah since they do not look at the details of what the Torah really says, and yes, that is what the early church had to contend with in the group known as the Judaizers.

A good book that addresses this issue is titled, The Remnant of Israel, published by Ariel Ministries. It deals with various struggles of Messianic Jews and those who find a Jewish ancestor. There is even a chapter on the role of the Mosaic Law that might be very helpful to your friend if she is willing to deal with the text seriously and not be influenced by the associations she has gotten herself connected with.

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