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MBS187 The Creation of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2:4-25

MBS187 The Creation of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2:4-25

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MBS 187 - The Creation of Adam and Eve

by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

The  theology of this section teaches us six points. First, that man has the  capacity to serve God. Secondly, that man is responsible to obey the  Word of the Lord, which was used to create the universe. Thirdly, that  the institution of marriage is established. Fourthly, that man is  emphasized over Creation in general, thus, we are given the details of  the creation of man as well as man's nature as God's image. Fifth, we  are told about God's special care and provision for mankind. From the  hand of God, there came a garden to live in. With respect to Adam, there  was a special work in naming the animals. There was the provision of  Eve. And finally, the theology teaches that God will not forsake His  Creation.


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