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The Messiah in the Temple

The Messiah in the Temple

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Hardcover: 655 pages

ISBN: 978-3-943175-05-9


The Messiah in the Temple: The Symbolism and Significance of the Second Temple in Light of the New Testament by Roger Liebi

The Second Temple — the sanctuary at Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ — plays a very significant role in the New Testament. Matthew to Revelation teems with references to this glorious edifice of Antiquity.

Many readers of the Bible do not understand much by the terms such as “pinnacle of the Temple”, “the Beautiful Gate”, “Solomon’s Porch”, “the Sheep Gate” and “the Sanhedrin”. These, and many other buildings of the Temple area, come alive in the present publication. They are connected to Messiah Jesus so that the life of faith may be refreshed and enlarged by it.

During the years 1967-2003 modern archaeology on the Temple Mount made huge progress. Through this, knowledge of the Second Temple could be extended in a grandiose way and reached a high point never before attained. The present work builds upon the rich fruits of these efforts and considers them profitable for the study of the Bible.

To date, there has not been a book written in which all the passages of the NT, which refer in some way to the Temple, have been synthesized extensively.

This book is dedicated especially to all those who are enthused by the same desire, as were those Greeks who came to the sanctuary in Jerusalem in those days, to encounter the historical Jesus there. They asked of Philip of Bethsaida (John 12:21): “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.”

The author Dr. Roger Liebi, born in 1958, married with six children, studied music, languages of the Biblical world (Greek, Classical and Modern Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian), and theology. He works as a lecturer and Bible teacher in various countries. Numerous publications have arisen from his years-long dealing with the Holy Scriptures and related fields. To date, he has cooperated within the framework of three projects as a Bible translator.

Included with the book is a CD containing:

The complete book (pdf)

3 lectures (mp3 and pdf): Are we really in the Last Days?, Footprints of God in the Universe, The Bible in a Bird’s Eye View - The 7 Covenants and the 7 Dispensations

3 lectures (mp3): The Messiah in the Temple, The Suffering Messiah (Isaiah 53), The Messiah in the Psalms 22 - 24

3 musical compositions by the author Roger Liebi (piano, live recordings): Rhapsody “ha-tiqvah” in D minor, Impromptu “hineh mah tov” in D minor, Choral Fantasy “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded” in A minor

1 live recording, violin (Roger Liebi): J.S. Bach: Partita N. 2 in D minor (BVW 1004) - Sarabande

Hardcover: 655 pages

ISBN: 978-3-943175-05-9


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